Seems like every post starts with, “It’s been a long time since my last post”.  And it has.

I’ve been to Colombia, won the WRBC and just placed 2nd at the USBC, behind my friend and co-worker Mike Phillips. It’s far too much to blog about and I dont have pictures to share, but there are several floating around the net… somewhere.

What I will say is this: 

Watching the coffee industry change and evolve over the last few years has been wonderful. Being apart of that evolution has been an honor. Somehow I’ve gone from reading about barista competitions on the internet and seeing so called “rock star baristas” competing for the sole purpose of bragging rights, to competing with 5 of the most humble, selfless baristas I’ve ever seen on stage.  Mike Marquard, Devin Pedde, Ryan Willber, Scott Lucy and above all Mike Phillips have made this years USBC the best one yet.

This years overall theme was a focus on coffee and farming, not the barista. There’s this wonderful shift in competitive baristas, moving away from finding the “best barista”, because the top baristas all have very similar skill levels and when you put 6 baristas, who all have an exceptional ability, what really sets them apart? The coffee. We’ve started realizing that the ultimate job of a barista is to simply not f*ck it up. Start with the best coffee, give it to a professional barista and watch what they can do with it. Intelligentsia took 1st,2nd,4th and5th this year. We had really great coffee. I’m undecided if I’m going to compete again. We’ll see.