July 2008

This past weekend was the 40th anniversary of the Concern Foundation and their 34th annual Concern Block Party at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. They’ve been able to raise over 40 million dollars to fund cancer research and we had the incredible honor of being apart of it this year. Everyone who purchased a ticket could go from booth to booth and sample food and drink from some of LA’s best restaurants, bakeries, bars and US.

I was able to get a few amazing people to volunteer their time and help work our booth.

Julia, Shar, Ryan and Devin all did an amazing job on such short notice. Thank you.

I would especially like to thank Nick Barnett for waking up early on a Saturday and loading up the Mistral, grinder, pump, water bottles etc. and making it work on his day off. And then coming back at 11pm and packing up the mistral, grinder, pump, you get the idea. Thank you sir.

Here’s few pictures showing the progression from setup, to the slow beginning to all hell breaking loose.

And yes… we had four Chemex brewing non-stop all night.


From Obey Giant