Holy cow, it’s been too long!

So much has happened since my last update.

A quick recap:

Intelli Silver Lake is kicking some serious booty (we’re not bothering with names).

At the beginning of the year I moved into west coast sales. I cover LA with two other sales reps, James and Marco, and I have the O.C., Riverside County, San Bernardino County and New Mexico all to myself.

I took a trip to Chicago AT THE END OF JANUARY.

I joined a gym because I’m starting to get fat again.

Lilly turned 3, so we had a princesses and pirates themed party.

I competed in the WRBC and placed 4th!

I competed in the USBC and placed 5th!

My wife proved time and time again that she is both supportive and amazing.

It’s been nearly 1 year since I started working for Intelligentsia and I must say, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. When Shar and I had our café, I just wanted to leave California, because I knew coffee was so much better in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York and I wanted to be a part of it so badly. Then last week I stood as a finalist in the USBC with 4 others from California and a lone gunman from Kansas, and I couldn’t have been prouder. Cali is finally being looked at as a home for amazing baristas and fantastic coffee. And I have the honor to be a part of it.

Making it to the finals could not have been possible without the help of several people:

Doug Zell

Fritz Storm

Steven Morrissey

Kyle Glanville

Deaton Pigot

Devin & Ryan

And everyone who volunteered to be a mock judge during my practice rounds. My apologies and appreciation to you all.

And my wife Shar who participated in mock judging, traveled to Berkeley and to Minneapolis and volunteered her time to help coordinate the competition, iron clothing and table cloths till the wee hours of the night and make emergency supper market runs for last minute ingredients and much needed milk.

Thank you all.

I’ll post more about moving to wholesale soon.