On the 17th day of the eighth month of the eight year of this millennium at 12(high noon) something happened. A shift was made. A community was brought together. Coffee farmers were honored. A shot was pulled.

I would say that this was a long time coming, that the wait was gruelling, unbearable at times, disheartening at others, and at one point I wondered weather or not it would actually happen. I say this having put the past three months into training for the opening of what could possibly be the best espresso bar in the world.

And then I think about Kyle Glanville. He’s been hear nearly a year working to get this shop off the ground, holding to the vision that has become Intelligentsia, Silverlake. I can’t imagine the pressure and frustration that has come with that.

Kudos to Kyle for his passion, dedication, hard work, tenacity and courage to see it through.

Kudos to Doug Zell for believing in the vision and throwing up the bank to make it happen. And again, congrats on the new store.

And now that the fluffy stuff is out of the way, down to the nitty-gritty.

The past three days have been insane! All three days I, as well as every other barista and barista assistant have put in over ten, sometimes 12 hours a day helping to unpack, stock shelves, dial in clovers and clean in preparation for Fridays big bash.

The bash, by the way, was amazing. Wine, beer, fruit, cheese, pastries and of coarse the star of our show… COFFEE!

All the baristas took turns steaming milk, pulling shots, pouring beer, working the clovers, running supplies and working the crowds. It was nuts. When I was working bar we ran out of espresso cups… twice! It was one of the best barista experiences of my life. The crowd was amazing. This neighborhood is so supportive and so welcoming they made our opening day more of a success then I think anyone could have expected. I think I can safely say that all of us are honored to serve the community of Silverlake.

Shar took some pictures. I’ll see if I can upload them soon.