July 2007

So last Sunday Shar did the flowers and coordination for a wedding. I recruited the help of some of my Intelli coworkers to help man the espresso bar as well as the beer and wine bar. It was a blast. 300+ people in the early afternoon outside in the 90+ heat. I wore all black thinking I’d look sharp… I’ looked dumb… hot and dumb. Stephen Morrissey came along wearing a pair of my black pants from my fat days one of my black shirts. I wanted him to look sharp after all. Kyle and Deanna also came to lend a helping hand, which we desperately needed. Shar did one of her famous fruit and cheese displays which the guests in attendance totally devoured.

Stephen took a couple of amazing photos of the day. These are all his… I just stole them.


So this is who I’ve been working with the past month and half:

Left to right:

Kyle, Devin, Ryan, Me, Jules, Deanna, Steven and Colin.

And big UPS to Stephen Morrissey for taking this picture.

In other news, it’s been a long time since my last post.